[ダンスクロス] ジュゼッペ・キコ & バルバラ・マティアヴィッチ、田村興一郎 / [Dance Cross] Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijević, Tamura Koichiro


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コンペティションI 「若手振付家のための在日フランス大使館賞」受賞者と、フランス拠点のアーティストによるダブルビル。アンスティチュ・フランセ日本とのパートナーシップにより開催

ジュゼッペ・キコ&バルバラ・マティアヴィッチ 『FORECASTING』(日本初演)
知的かつ独創的なアプローチでハイブリッドなパフォーマンスの可能性を切り拓く、新進気鋭のアーティストユニットPremier Stratagèmeが、動画共有サイトYouTubeの映像を用いた話題作で待望の初来日。ヒューマンスケールの多様な映像が映し出されるノートパソコンをパフォーマーが巧みに操り、平凡な日常のあらゆるシチュエーションと独自の手法で語られるドラマとの境界が次第に曖昧となるその先には、眩惑させるようなハイブリッドな体験が待っている。

田村興一郎 『MUTT』

横浜ダンスコレクション2018コンペティションⅠで、若手振付家のための在日フランス大使館賞とシビウ国際演劇祭賞を受賞の翌年、フランスでのレジデンス中に創作して、その後も上演を重ねる度に更新を続けている作品。コンセプチュアルな構成をムーブメントに落とし込む独自の感性で高評を得る田村が、「都市」と「芸術」、そして対峙する間にある身体の存在と変容を提示する。Dance Box(神戸)のアソシエイト・カンパニーとして、また地域福祉型ダンスマネジメントを手掛けるなど、社会課題に正面から向き合って創作を繰り広げ、次代を担う振付家として将来を嘱望される振付家の一人である田村興一郎に世界のダンスコミュニティも注目する。

【日時】2月14日(金)18:00 / 2月15日(土)16:00 / 2月16日(日)16:00
※上演時間 約90分

【会場】横浜にぎわい座 のげシャーレ

【チケット】一般 3,000円、U-25 2,500円、高校生以下 1,500円

詳細はこちら⇒ http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/program/program06/

*全席自由/ 税込


Dance Cross
Organized in partnership with Institut Francais du Japon, Dance Cross offers a double bill of performances by a France-based artist duo, and by the winner of the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition I.

Giuseppe Chico and Barbara Matijević “FORECASTING”(Japan Premire)
Cutting-edge dance company Premier Stratagème has continued to open up the possibilities of performance through their intellectual and inventive approach. The company makes their long-awaited first visit to Japan with an impressive performance that works with amateur videos from the world’s largest video-sharing site YouTube. This work unfurls into a dizzying hybrid experience, with a performer skillfully manipulating a laptop that shows various human-scale videos, gradually blurring the lines between banal, everyday situations and drama articulated through a unique mode of narration.

Tamura Koichiro “MUTT”
A work that continues to be developed for each show, “MUTT” was created as part of a residency in France the year after Tamura won both the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 Competition I. Acclaimed for the unique sensibility with which he renders conceptual compositions into movement, Tamura explores in his work ideas of the city, art, the existence of the body in a space where they intersect, and the body’s transformation within that space. As an associate company of Dance Box (an organization based in Kobe), and through managing dance programs for community welfare projects, Tamura has been involved in creating dance in a way that confronts social issues head on. One of the promising choreographers who will lead the next generation, Tamura has been gaining recognition not only in Japan but also internationally.

[Dates] 2.14 (Fri) 18:00 / 2.15 (Sat) 16:00 / 2.16 (Sun) 16:00
*Hour indicates performance starting time
*Duration of performance: app. 90 min

[Venue] Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall

[Advance tickets] Adults: 3,000 yen, U-25: 2,500 yen, High School Students and Younger: 1,500 yen
*Instruction for paying at convinience stores is only in Japanese

For details: http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/en/program/program06/

■All seats are unreserved.
■No admission allowed for pre-school children.
■Those purchasing 'U-25 Ticket' and 'High School Students & Younger' must present their student ID to enter the theatre.
■Due to unavoidable circumstances, performers and program may be subject to change.
■Refunds and changes are not available after tickets have been purchased.
■Please note that travel expenses are not guaranteed if the performance is canceled.

Feb 14 - Feb 16, 2020
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
6:00 PM - 5:30 PM JST
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2.14 Fri 18:00:一般 / Adults ON HOLD ¥3,000
2.14 Fri 18:00:U-25 ON HOLD ¥2,500
2.14 Fri 18:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger ON HOLD ¥1,500
2.15 Sat 16:00:一般 / Adults ¥3,000
2.15 Sat 16:00:U-25 ¥2,500
2.15 Sat 16:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger ¥1,500
2.16 Sun 16:00:一般 / Adults ¥3,000
2.16 Sun 16:00:U-25 ¥2,500
2.16 Sun 16:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger ¥1,500

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Combini / ATM payment will be closed at the end of Feb 15, 2020.

Venue Address
横浜市中区野毛町3丁目110−1 カスタリア桜木町 Japan
横浜ダンスコレクション2020 Yokohama Dance Collection 2020